PMLT® in usage

Mobile simultaneous translation for the deaf … and people who speak completely different languages.

itSofD® enables direct face-to-face communication – anywhere, any time, and on the move - via the PMLT® - the Personal Mobile Language Translator, individually fitted with a mini-camera, video glasses with mini-display and headset(s), connecting the dialogue partner with a translation centre via SMS – and translating one-to-one conversations with no time delay.

In as many different languages as you want, as well as sign language such as Deutsche Gebärdensprache (German Sign Language) or American Sign Language – which is then immediately transferred to the mini-display for the deaf.

Furthermore the mini-camera included in the system, which was developed by qualified computer scientist Norbert Baron, can be used to guide blind people.

itSofD® - IT Solutions for Deaf – because communication is life.

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»It would be very nice if you could communicate with deaf people without knowing sign language.«
Timothy Quincey, 15 years old