For deaf people

What is PMLT®

PMLT® is a mobile device that enables mobile communication between deaf and non handicapped people. Additional features like small camera, video glasses, small display and headset are enclosed in PMLT®. Its functionality as well as its service can easily be integrated in nowadays and future mobile phones.

Five steps make communication with
PMLT® work:

  • The deaf person contacts a translation center (relay service) via mobile phone and sms.
  • The sign language is transmitted via video streaming (with the help of a small camera as a part of the headset used by the non handicapped person) to the relay service.
  • The sign language is translated by the relay service into the chosen language via audio streaming. This translation is simultaneously audible via headset.
  • The non handicapped person can now answer. These words are transmitted via headset and audio streaming to the relay service.
  • The relay service translates the answer into sign language. The deaf person sees the answer on his video glasses. And so on ...

Technical description - see graphic above.

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»It would be very nice if you could communicate with deaf people without knowing sign language.«
Timothy Quincey, 15 years old