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T-Mobile recognizes winners of this year’s
"SME Innovation Prize"

Bonn, 16th October 2008

Whether their solutions are mobile phone service-assisted communications to translate sign language or with bus passenger safety and information, the winners of the “SME Innovation Prize” impressively applied this year’s motto for the competition of “visions in motion.” [...]

First prize went to itSofD - IT Solutions for the Deaf based in Weiterstadt for a solution geared to communicating with the deaf. The innovation is based on the personal mobile language translator (PMLT), which is a compact mobile communications device with additional components like a minicamera and video glasses, or mini-displays with a headset. Using the PMLT and the mobile communications network, hearing and non-hearing individuals are connected to an interpreting center for simultaneous translation of speech and sign language. The device utilizes video-streaming ...

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»It would be very nice if you could communicate with deaf people without knowing sign language.«
Timothy Quincey, 15 years old